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Principles for Responsible AI

First part of an approach paper by NITI Aayog

The Principles for Responsible AI was created in February 2021 and forms the first part of an approach paper by NITI Aayog. It is a follow-up to the national strategy and provides a roadmap for building an ethical and responsible AI ecosystem across sectors in India. 

The paper discusses ethical considerations, which are further classified into two categories: system considerations and societal considerations. System considerations deal with decision-making principles, ensuring the rightful inclusion of beneficiaries and accountability of AI decisions. Societal considerations focus on the impact of automation on job creation and employment. 

The paper outlines seven broad principles for responsible management of AI systems, namely:

  1. Principle of Safety and Reliability 
  2. Principle of Equality 
  3. Principle of Inclusivity and Non-discrimination 
  4. Principle of Privacy and security 
  5. Principle of Transparency 
  6. Principle of Accountability 
  7. Principle of protection and reinforcement of positive human values

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