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Welcome to AryaXAI!

The ML Observability platform for mission-critical AI solutions

Introducing AryaXAI

With AryaXAI, Data science and ML teams can monitor their models in production as well as gain reliable & accurate explainability,

AryaXAI offers reliable & accurate explainability, offering evidence that can support regulatory diligence, managing AI uncertainty by providing advanced policy controls and ensuring consistency in production by monitoring data or model drift and alerting users with root cause analysis.

AryaXAI also acts as a common workflow and provides insights acceptable by all stakeholders - Data Science, IT, Risk, Operations and compliance teams, making the rollout and maintenance of AI/ML models seamless and clutter-free.

How to signup for AryaXAI

In just a few easy steps, users can sign up for AryaXAI with an invitation.

To get started, users who already have access to AryaXAI can invite others to sign up for the platform. This invitation is sent to the email address of the invitee.

From here, you can set up your account in 2 easy steps:

  • 1. Setting your basic profile details and password
  • 2. Setting your work profile and  industry

Once these steps are completed, select ‘Finish’ to complete the account verification. A confirmation of account verification is sent to your inbox, through which your workspace can be accessed.

Through SDK

With our SDK, you can perform nearly every action available in the AryaXAI GUI.


  1. Sign up and log in to AryaXAI using the steps mentioned above. 
  2. After logging in, generate an Access Token for your user account.
  3. Set the environment variables ‘XAI_ACCESS_TOKEN’ with the generated value. 

Once you've completed these steps, you're all set! Now, you can easily log in and start using the AryaXAI SDK:

  1. Log in by importing the "xai" object instance from the "arya_xai" package.
  2. Call the "login" method. This method automatically takes the access token value from the "XAI_ACCESS_TOKEN" environment variable and stores the JWT in the object instance. This means that all your future SDK operations will be authorized automatically, making it simple and hassle-free!
NOTE: You can create a maximum of 5 tokens. Each token can only be used in one place at a time.

from aryaxai import xai as aryaxai

## login() function authenticates user using token that can be generated in app.aryaxai.com/sdk


Enter your Arya XAI Access Token: ··········
Authenticated successfully.

# See Notification you get across all workspaces and projects

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