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Internet Information Service Algorithm Recommendation Management Regulations

Govern the use of recommendation algorithms across various sectors

The Cybersecurity Administration of China passed regulations on recommendation algorithms on December 31, 2021, which came into effect on March 1, 2022. The regulations aim to govern the use of recommendation algorithms across various sectors, impacting companies relying on this technology, such as social media platforms, e-commerce sites, and news outlets. 

These rules demand greater transparency in the functioning of the algorithms and give users more control over the data that companies can use to feed them. However, the regulations go beyond safeguarding user rights. They also mandate that algorithm operators follow an ethical code that promotes positivity online and blocks the spread of undesirable or illegal information.

For instance, platforms like Facebook use algorithms to personalize content recommendations based on user preferences, demographics, and location. Algorithm recommendation service providers, including Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, fall under these regulations. User rights encompass privileges and protections, granting users autonomy and safeguarding vulnerable groups. The regulations retroactively apply to previous data privacy laws in China, particularly the Data Security Law (DSL) and the Personal Information Protection Law (PIPL).


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