Bring transparency & auditability to your Al Solutions with the plan that’s right for you.

Starter Plan

Explore the product and power small, personal projects.

Create upto 3 Workspaces and 5 projects in each workspace

Total volume of 0.5 million rows in each workspace

Upto 6 hrs of GPU training resources for Synthetic AI

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Enterprise Plan

Run production apps with full functionality, onboarding and support.

No limit on number of projects or workspaces

Deploy On-premise or in your own cloud

White-glove support and services for custom deployment requirements

Multiple integrations options available

Leverage your compute credits

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Looking for ML Support?

Consultant Plan

You can subscribe to our on-demand ML support plans to help you in various ML Ops activities.

Starting from 40hrs/week

All Starter plan features, plus

Making sense of monitoring alerts

Troubleshoot your ML Models

Course correction of AI/ML usage

Assisting in model/data debugging

Ad-hoc reports

Representation in ML discussions - internal/external

Option to take dedicated support

You've got questions. We've got answers.

Can I use AryaXAI platform for free?

Absolutely! If you are looking to explore AryaXAI before onboarding with either a personal or professional plan, contact us for a customized demo and start exploring the platform based on your specific requirements.

Who should use AryaXAI?

AryaXAI was built with the intent of sharing AI knowledge and experiences across teams, both technical and business. Data Science, ML and business teams can easily monitor model performance, metrics, fairness and explainability through visual dashboards and reports, fostering participation from diverse stakeholders. 

Can I deploy AryaXAI on-premise or private cloud?

Yes! You get the flexibility of deploying AryXAI on-premise or on your cloud. Connect with our sales team to know more details.

Can I customize the subscription of Arya’s ML observability stack as per my requirements?

Arya offers customized subscriptions and pricing plans as per your requirement. Pay only for what you use!

How secure is my data with AryaXAI?

We understand our customer's data protection needs and offer the most comprehensive set of expertise and services to help you protect your data. Arya offers flexible deployment options, and you get to manage the privacy controls of your data.

Do I need ML Observability tool if I already use an MLOps platform?

An MLOps platform aims to deploy and maintain ML systems in production. Observability tool covers a larger scope compared to MLOps - it understands why the problem exists, and the best way to resolve it.  It helps to understand the why and figure out what needs to be done to resolve the problem.

What's the difference between ML Observability platform and ML Ops platform?

An MLOps platform is focused on keeping the ML model development lifecycle functional. ML observability goes beyond just monitoring and brings a proactive approach to investigating model issues and highlighting the root cause of the problem.

What counts as a prediction?

Prediction is an information output that comes from entering some data and running an algorithm. This output is the result of training the algorithm on a historical dataset and applying it to new data when forecasting the likelihood of a particular outcome.

Can I integrate AryaXAI with other ML platforms?

Yes! From open-source frameworks to ML platforms, AryaXAI can work with any ML stack.

Can I request usage-based pricing?

Absolutely! You can customize the pricing plan as per your requirements.

Can I use AryaXAI as our AI Governance platform? 

Yes! AryaXAI combines ML observability, monitoring, governance, explainability and provides necessary user controls to build trust and confidence in the model.

Why choose AryaXAI?

An advanced ML Observability framework for mission-critical use cases.

ML Monitoring: Go beyond simple alerts

Troubleshoot your models quickly and precisely

Helps to focus on alerts that matters most

All alerts are not critical. Real-time ml model monitoring surfaces critical issues with data or model performance so you can troubleshoot root causes quickly and precisely instead of focusing on every other alert.

Debug/troubleshoot quickly

Swiftly troubleshoot and remediate issues with your ML models through accelerated root cause analysis across thousands of predictions and features.

Create and customize alerts

Configurable safeguard controls to create customized thresholds and alerts for the model as per your risk profile.

Monitor Model Fairness, Data Drift and Model Drift in one place

Quickly detect where issues emerge and troubleshoot root cause for model performance deviation, model bias, data drits etc. all in one place!

Explain your models accurately

Unlike approximating your model functioning, provide accurate explanations

True-to-model explanations

Decode the ‘true-to-model’ feature weightage along with node and layer level weights for any neural network with detailed explanations.

Multiple-types of explanations

Different users need different types of explanations. AryaXAI offers a variety of explanations to help your stakeholders understand and empathize with model performance.

Near real-time explainability using API

Get near real-time explainability of your model, such that you can offer it along with your predictions to the end users.

Explanations for everyone

AryaXAI is built for diverse stakeholders. Whether you are an ML engineer, Data scientist, Compliance office Business leader or Audit executive, AryaXAI supports and allows participation from diverse stakeholders

ML Audit: Productized approach to achieve scale

Identify potential risks and develop safeguard controls to avoid them

Index, review and retrace all auditable artefacts

A centralized repository enables tracking, reviewing and retracing of various model-related artefacts making it easy to have a 360-degree view of the solution, thereby providing a scope to do a complete audit.

Automate the auditing process and focus on the gaps

Automatically generate risk reviews and compliance audits with audit trails to support compliance, data science and business teams.

Retrieve the records on case-wise not just on the model

Understand the model’s state at the time of prediction with case-wise traceability. Retrace the model’s metadata, output and condition for a prediction.

Role-specific approvals and validations

Collaborate securely with role-based audit process flows and record individual observations/consents.

Policy Controls: Protect from AI risks

Ensure effective governance across every step of the development lifecycle

Easy to use GUI for risk owners

Easy-to-use UI puts advanced controls at the fingertips of risk owners, to detect and define policies that can prevent AI errors preemptively or ensure adherence to guidelines.

Create, Edit and Modify policies from GUI

Easily add/edit/modify policies with customizable controls to maintain and modify policies. Version control your changes and productionize the preferred version.

Define policies on data or/and model outputs

Define responsible requirements across a variety of policies with contextual policy implementation on data or model outputs or both.

One-click production for policies.

Configure, manage and productionize policies with a single click through policy orchestrator UI.

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