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XAI: Observations


'Observations' provides the easiest and most effective way of estimating the correlation of industry knowledge vs model functioning. It allows the subject matter experts to be part of the explainability framework and provides easily understandable explainability notes to all stakeholders.

The ‘Observations’ section explains the reasoning behind the predictions made. If you want to see a causation correlation with the model prediction, you can easily define the conditions/ causes as ‘observations’.

Creating/Editing Observations:

Through GUI

Go to ML Explainability > Observations.

To create a new observation, select the ‘Create observation’ button on the right. 

Next, define the observation and define the feature (data point on which you want to write the observation). Select the conditional operators (Viz. not equal to, equal to, greater than, less than) and current expression to add multiple IFTT conditions.

Once the operation is written, link them to engineered features (actual features that are going into the model). You can select multiple features here and write an observation statement. You can call for the data in the observation statement using curly brackets, i.e. {

View observations:

Once saved, if any of the observations hold true for a case, it will be displayed below the case. This can be viewed at ML explainability > View cases > ‘View’ under the ‘Options’ column in the summary table.

Selecting the ‘Advanced view’ option provides additional details on the observations. The ‘Success’ column here displays whether the particular observation is running on the. ‘Triggered’ will show if the observation is relevant to the current case.

AryaXAI: Case-wise observations - Advanced view
Observations score:

observation score is the sum of feature importance of linked features.

Through SDK:

To create an observation


To view observations executed for  Case:


To make Observation Active, Inactive and change params


To delete an observation:


For help function to create and update an observation:



Observations Trail

When an observation is created and subsequently modified, all changes are systematically logged and accessible in the "Observations Trail" section.

Observations section presents a tabulated format showcasing crucial details, including the initial creation date, any updates made, their respective dates and times, and the current status of the observation.

Moreover, within the table, the 'Options' section offers a 'Show' feature that grants access to both the Current and Old Config data. This feature reveals comprehensive information about the modifications, including the user responsible for the update, the specific statement that underwent changes, linked features affected by the modification, and the exact expression or alterations made. This thorough display ensures a comprehensive overview of the modification history and allows for a detailed examination of each update.

AryaXAI - Observations Trail

Through SDK

To check history of updates in observations via teh SDK:


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