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Creating Workspace and project

To get started with AryaXAI, you need to create a workspace and a project in that work space. All user access controls are maintained at both Workspace and Project level.


On accessing the platform, you can either set up a new workspace or access an existing workspace.

Creating a workspace

Through GUI

To set up a workspace, select ‘Add workspace’. Define a name for the workspace and submit. The workspace will be visible on the dashboard with details of the workspace owner, creation date and time.

You can also invite/add users in the workspace through the ‘Add User’ option and define their role for the workspace. The role can either be of an Owner, User or Manager. Each role has specific use access criteria as defined below. You can also revoke access through the workspace settings or modify the user role.

User role wise accessibility criteria:

AryaXAI: User role wise accessibility criteria
AryaXAI - Workspaces
Accessing an existing workspace

To access an already created workspace, the workspace owner has to send an invite through the ‘Add User’ option. This invitation to the workspace is shared to the invitee's email address provided.  

The ‘Settings’ option under Actions column displays the workspace details. Here, the 'User list' tab displays the user's list for the particular workspace. This list shows all the users you have invited to the workspace and the status of their invitations. The 'Usage' tab shows the usage details, such as, User subscription details, number of projects, users, data points, etc. and the usage cap on each.

AryaXAi - Workspace settings
Start using workspace

To go into the workspace, select ‘Show’ under the ‘Actions’ column. You can create multiple projects within a workspace.


As mentioned earlier, your workspace can have multiple projects. For example, if you created a fraud detection model, that can be one project. 

Creating a project

To create a new project, select the ‘Add project’ option within the desired workspace. Define a name for the project and submit it. The project details will be visible on the dashboard with details of the project owner, creation date and time.

Note: If you want a user to have access to a particular project and not the entire workspace, you can select the ‘Add user’ option under ‘Actions’. 

You can define the roles of new users as an Owner/ Admin, User or Manager.

Note: Workspace access overrides the project access. For e.g. If you have given a user ‘Owner’ access at the Workspace level and a ‘User’ access at the project level, the Owner access overrides the User access. 

User role wise accessibility criteria:

AryaXAI: User role wise accessibility criteria

Through SDK


The XAI object instance has all the necessary methods to interact with your workspaces.

# creating a new workspapce name
workspace = aryaxai.create_workspace('workspace name')

# list all workspaces available

# select a workspace name
workspace = xai.workspace('sdk-testing')

The AryaXAI Python SDK also provides users with functionalities to edit, manage or delete workspaces

# rename workspace name

# Deleting Workspace

# add user to workspace
workspace.add_user_to_workspace('email', 'role')

# remove user from workspace

# update user access for workspace


With the AryaXAI Python SDK, users can efficiently handle project management tasks and carry out essential functions within those projects.

# create project name
project = workspace.create_project('project_name')

# list of projects
projects = workspace.projects()

# select a project name
project = workspace.project('project_name')

# delete project

# add user to project
project.add_user_to_project('email', 'role')

# remove user from project

# update user access for project

# rename project

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