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XAI: Similar Cases


'Similar cases' aka reference as explanations is a parallel method of 'citing references' to a prediction. 'Similar cases' extracts the top 15 most similar cases in the training data as compared to the 'prediction case'. The similarity algorithm varies depending on the plan. For the AryaXAI Developer version, we use the 'prediction probability' similarity method whereas for AryaXAI Enterprise, other methods like 'Feature Importance Similarity', and 'Data Similarity' is also available.

View Similar Cases:

Through GUI

This tab displays similar cases from the previous data where the prediction was similar or almost similar. The features are plotted in a graph where you can filter based on the data labels. Below the graph, all similar cases are listed, which can be filtered based on the Feature name. You can also view details of any of the similar cases listed from the ‘view’ option.

Through SDK

To list all Similar Cases wrt a particular case, and get data of the similar cases via SDK:

# List of Similar Cases wrt to a Case

# Data of Similar Cases

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